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The World of Masanat

"Reality is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is no where."
Empedocles (500-430 B.C., Greek Philopher & Poet)
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Our Raccoon Babies....

raccoon picture

In early October, we saw three tiny raccoon babies on the patio one morning. They were like little fuzzy puppies. Something had obviously happened to their mother and they were very hungry. So I began feedng them which turned out to be four or five times a day. They stayed in our patio and I kept telling them that they needed to sleep by day and feed by night.

About early December, one of the raccoon babies disappeared, but the remaining two kept coming. By this time they were only coming as it began to get dark. Today, they arrive at my kitchen window to get my attention and their dog kibble. I give them each one of them a large milk bone. They take them very carefully from me. I see myself as a rescuer of these sweet animals. That is my raccoon story for the day.

raccoon picture

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