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The World of Masanat

"Yesterday is but a dream; tomorrow is but a vision. But Today...Well Lived...makes every yesterday a dream and every tomorrow a vision of hope."
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Masanat is home to three cats, four dogs and a parrot; all of which are very spoiled. We call them "our children".

Cocoa, our sable Burmese female, is super smart, curious,playful, amusing, loyal and reaches great depths of emotion with both Jack and myself. She loves to tell us about her day or whatever interests her; her vocabulary is amazing. She and our Jasper are very devoted to each other and spend many hours sleeping together in the sun.

Jasper is our brown tabby, part domestic shorthair and Maine Coon. He is a male that weighs 22 pounds. Jasper is mellow, sweet and laid back. He loves to play in the water. His most unusual characteristic is that he likes to take showers with one of us. He doesn’t meow but chirps for his favorite foods

Oshejoy is our Havana Brown female who is the color of a chocolate kiss or some say "a Havana cigar".She is very intelligent, quiet, affectionate and loves to play. She is one of the most playful cats that we have ever had. She is very people oriented and likes to be involved in whatever we are doing. She particularly loves an hour long video that we have especially for all of the cats. Her particular interest is bugs while Cocoa and Jasper love the birds.

Pepita and Ginger are our five pound chihuahuas. Ginger is fawn colored while Pepita is black and tan. They are very playful, inquisitive and excellent watchdogs. The doorbell doesn’t ring without a response from these alert puppies. The girls are great travelers and have taken several long trips with us.

Brandy is our Yorkshire Terrier female. Her temperament is described as "wanting to please". She is sensitive, loves to cuddle and gives kisses. She loves cheddar cheese and will always smile if you ask her if she would like some cheese. She is a great little traveler having taken several trips with us.

Marwood is our 25-year-old Double Yellow Head Parrot. This bird loves attention and lets us know if he is being ignored. His favorite treat is pasta. He loves spaghetti which once having eaten is draped in various configurations over his perch. He will begin saying "Hello, Hello, Hello" when the car enters the driveway or the front door opens.

Bridget is our new Yorkie girl. She is a stocky little dynamo who is very active in body and mouth, thinks she's a big dog, is smart as a whip and is very independent. Both she and Brandy love to cuddle and give lots of kisses. They are great little watch dogs and alert us to anything dangerous in the environment.

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