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The World of Masanat

"To be one with all things is to be enlightened by all things, and this traceless enlightenment continues forever" Dogen (Zen Buddhist)
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The log house is surrounded by tall blue spruce and Norway spruce trees with a lovely gazebo and several rock gardens. Nearby is a 125 dwarf apple tree orchard and the blooms are magnificient in the spring. We planted the trees for a copious supply of apples. In addition, we have 5,000 red pine trees and 2,500 Norway spruce trees for land and animal conservation plus many berry bearing bushes to enhance bird life. There is also a lovely gazebo that sits on the property.


Although Northern California is our primary residence, our vacation hideaway is a restored log cabin locted on two hundred acres in Michigan. The house was built in 1879 during a time when logging was a booming business in Michigan. The area is home to many types of wildlife: deer, wild turkeys, porcupines, coyotes, squirrels, owls and bear. The restoration was a challenge. We had to locate large, long logs and a craftsman to install them. After that, there was the chinking of the logs, windows, roof and interior to be completed;it took a total of 5 years.


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