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The World of Masanat

"Reality is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere."
Empedocles (500-430 B.C., Greek Poet)
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Masanat Art

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Huichol Yarn Paintings

The Huichol yarn paintings are made of yarn, board and beeswax. The paintings are the Huichol's personal interpretation of some aspects of their relationship to the gods and frequently contain corn, peyote and deer. These people are a pre-Hispanic culture that still survive in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Kitchen Art

The kitchen art was purchased on numerous trips to both Guadalajara and Morala in the Michiocan state of Mexico.

Masks and the Masai Shield

The masks surround our Masai shield in our family room. We found them on a trip to Colima State. We had rented a car and drove there from Guadalaja. We found a walking trail to a small house. Yes, they had masks and we purchased five of them. The mask maker inquired where we were from and we answered "Guadalajara". He said, "This is very far. You are welcome to stay with us overnight." We declined and carefully made our way back down the hill to our car carrying the masks.

The Masai Shield was purchased in Nairobi, Kenya on our first trip there. We were fascinated with the Masai who are a semi-nomadic cattle-rearing people. They live on the milk of their cattle and the blood of the cattle is mixed with the milk. In order to get the blood, they shoot an arrow into the jugular vein in the cow's neck. The blood spills into a gourd and is stopped with a wad of dung and mud. Their settlements are surrounded by thorn bush fences. In the evening the cattle, goats and domestic animals are brought inside the fence for protection from wild animals. Their huts are built of branches, twigs and grass with cow dung and urine to form plaster which holds everything together. Generally, one cannot stand up in the hut. When we got our shield home, it smelled so badly from the cow dung that we had to air it out in the garage for six months before we could hang it inthe house.

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